Dubai & Abu Dhabi are at forefront of travel reservations

The American site “Expert Flyer“, which specializes in booking flights for travel reservations, reported that it recorded a huge increase in the number of visitors searching through it from Dubai and Abu Dhabi in recent months, in order to go to them on tourist trips and holidays.

The forefront of travel reservations in the world

The site stated that Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and with them, the Maldives, formed in recent months the three top travel reservations destinations that received the largest number of search visits by its visitors.

Top tourist travel reservations destination

In its report, the website described the three travel reservations destinations as desirable destinations for enjoyable holidays.

It also added that the three travel reservations destinations have replaced the tourist destinations that are traditional competitors such as London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

The report expected that next year will be exceptional in the turnout for tourist trips travel reservations and that it will witness an increase in the number of these trips, describing them as “epic”, explaining that these expectations were based on a questionnaire conducted by the site for its visitors and its results stated that most of them intend to go during 2021 on longer and more luxurious tourist trips.

A level of what they were used to before, in order to compensate for their travel ban this year due to fear of infection with the emerging coronavirus, or what is also known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expectations of a recovery in the UAE tourism sector

Workers in the tourism and travel sector in the UAE expected an increase in the demand for air travel, especially for those coming to the UAE, with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship adopting the second phase of the residents’ return program, by adopting prior approval starting from 12 This August.

It is expected that the movement of flight travel reservations to and from the UAE will be activated, while facilitating the return of residents to the country, by substituting registration and waiting for approval to automatically grant pre-approval without the need to submit an application; This will stimulate air traffic due to the travel reservations of residents stranded abroad.

The local aviation sector is also expected to witness an increase in travel reservations to many destinations abroad, especially the green countries that are permitted to travel to, whether for residents’ travel for the purpose of entertainment or visiting family and relatives, especially since the recent decision abolishes the mandatory return permit to the UAE, especially since some residents have postponed they travel abroad because of approval.

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