National Media Program for Youth responding quickly to digital transformation in media

Within the agenda of the third session of the National Media Program for Youth, organized by the Dubai Press Club and the Watani Al Emarat Foundation, 6 sessions were held remotely via visual communication technology, during which a group of Arab and foreign media professionals and experts within local, regional and international media institutions discussed the importance of accelerating the digital transformation of the media sector.

This is in order to enhance the experiences of the program’s young media personnel in line with the requirements of the current time, informing them of the best experiences and practices and encouraging them to acquire the necessary media skills and tools, through a platform concerned with facilitating and stimulating the exchange of experiences in media fields.

Within 6 interactive sessions organized by the National Media Program for Youth

On this occasion, Maitha Buhumaid, Director of the Dubai Press Club, expressed her thanks and appreciation for the efforts of media figures and all press institutions that participated in enriching the knowledge and technical content of this series of sessions that highlighted the importance of “digital transformation media“, which is one of the sectors that take a wide part of the club’s interest. Within the framework of its keenness to advance the efforts to develop the media within its various channels and specializations in accordance with the highest international standards, with the aim of consolidating its positive role in the region and providing it with creative young energies through highly specialized programs

Buhumaid affirmed that the club is keen on empowering young people, developing their professional experiences, and refining their scientific and practical skills, especially in the media field, including providing them with the necessary tools that guarantee them the highest levels of excellence that qualify them to be among the most prominent media professionals of the future.

Discuss the importance of responding quickly to the digital transformation in the media

In a session that met with great interaction by the youth affiliated with the program under the title “The implications of the pandemic on the global economy,” Riyad Hamadeh, head of international junior training programs in Bloomberg, gave a detailed explanation about what the agency is covering from news in the region, why it is doing so and how it is being followed. In carrying out these covers, as well as for advanced economic analyzes in the world. Hamada also discussed the role of the media in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role the media plays in spreading awareness about this pandemic and ways to deal with and besiege it by reviewing the opinions of specialists through interviews and providing analyzes in a creative framework.

The session, in the presence of Ziad Daoud, chief economist in emerging markets at Bloomberg, discussed the global economy before and after the coronavirus and the implications of the crisis and opportunities for innovation in the region, based on the premise that behind every crisis is a new opportunity, which we can transform into a new innovation.

Digital transformation Development

The Power of Word in the Media

In an interactive session entitled “The Power of Word in the Media“, the writer and member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Journalism Award, Dr. Muhammad Nghaimish, talked about how to develop written, visual and audio Arabic content in a new spirit, through the participation of the programme’s members, a working paper that bore the reasons for the decline of Arabic content, and solutions Developing it in a modern and objective template that is more effective and attractive to the public.

Practical Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

The session also discussed the basics of persuasion and influencing the recipient through the arts of the article, news, news reports, video clips and other journalistic arts on various media platforms.

Among the sessions set by the program to discuss the importance of digitizing the media, a session was held under the title “Practical Experiences with Artificial Intelligence in the News,” in which Lisa Gibbs, Head of Artificial Intelligence Strategy at The Associated Press, presented a future reading on the impact of the “Robot Revolution” on the press Globally, as successive technological developments have changed the ways in which journalists perform their work, thus enabling media organizations to use artificial intelligence to improve how journalists collect materials and produce news and increase the number of their followers.

Digital transformation Effect

In a session titled “Tweet to Impact”, Kinda Ibrahim, Director of Media Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, with the participation of George Salama, Director of Public Policy at Twitter, presented the strategy to build and maintain a strong presence on the Twitter platform, which currently has 186 million users. My day is active and can be monetized, and Twitter speakers shared with the affiliate of the program ways to organize and highlight the many topics and interests that better appeal to people.

Kinda Ibrahim also gave an interactive presentation during the session about the great potential of the Twitter platform in the field of making news and breaking news and publishing it at the local and global levels. The presentation also included ways to enable young media professionals to create impactful stories by adopting the latest trending topics on Twitter.

National Media Program for Youth available on the communication platforms

Among the sessions provided by the National Media Program for Youth to shed light on some personal media experiences, the journalist Muhammad Al Mulla presented his personal experience in establishing media platforms, reviewing the idea of ​​establishing the “Diwan Al Mulla” network, which has become an independent network with a special character by using the capabilities available on the communication platforms. Social media, and the most important way through which social media platforms can be created and developed to be a professional media platform that addresses the Arab and international community.

Digital transformation in media initiatives

With the increasing interest of young people in producing digital transformation stories in the visual media significantly, due to its advantages in terms of simplicity of presentation, multiplicity of content elements and low cost of production, in addition to its speed of processing compared to other types of digital content, Matt Cook, a partnerships expert in the initiative introduced Google News, within a virtual session entitled “Digital Story Telling”, provides a glimpse into the global efforts to support and develop the capabilities of youth in the sectors of journalism and digital media. The session also contributed to providing the youth participating in the program with the basic principles of digital story telling and how to create static and moving visual materials.

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