Did you hear about the UAE from Steve Harvey?

Preventive and precautionary measures taken by the UAE to confront the new coronavirus, and it was implemented in accordance with protocols approved by the World Health Organization. Which contributed to preventing its spread and spreading reassurance and safety among people. Indicating that the country dealt with infected cases according to the highest applicable health standards. It confirms the strength of the health system, thanks to the support of responsible leadership in this sector.

Praise for the UAE state efforts

The UAE received many acclaims internationally and locally.
Special praise from the World Health Organization
The UAE has received thanks for the preventive measures it has taken since the virus began to circulate.
The UAE is one of the countries with a small percentage of the number of infected people and is largely controlling the spread and limiting the spread.
The cure rate is large, with the final number of recovered persons reaching 38 cases.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority launched an awareness and educational campaign to prevent coronavirus. The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens about the emerging coronavirus, the ways to prevent it. Finally, the steps that must be taken to avoid the transmission of this disease to others.
Providing aid to combat the virus in many countries, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, such as Iran.

The Dubai Health Authority published on its website several necessary measures to prevent infection

Go to the nearest health care center immediately with the necessity to tell the doctor about the symptoms.
Stay at home as instructed by the doctor and avoid contact with others.
Taking the correct information from the official concerned authorities in the country
Staying at home as a precaution for a home stone for at least 14 days.
Not mixing with people and going to events.
Stay in a well-ventilated room while keeping the door closed.
Disinfect all common facilities and use warm water with detergent.

Everyone is a partner in maintaining the health and safety of society
Demanding to abide by the guidelines provided by the state

With the need to monitor the health status and seek medical care when feeling the following symptoms such as headache, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, and sore throat.

World star Steve Harvey praised the UAE precautionary measures

The UAE leadership role in combating the coronavirus

World star Steve Harvey, through his famous program “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” praised the “unique” role that the leadership plays in the UAE and their tireless work to protect the security, health, and lives of citizens and residents alike.

Effective #KeepUAEsafe

Therefore, many citizens of the UAE and the Arab region launched the hashtag #KeepUAEsafe after Stephen Harvey described the UAE as the safest.

He said in his program, which is watched by millions from all over the world

«According to the numbers I read, the safest place on the surface of the earth, and among the major countries in the Emirates, yes it is the safest place. They conducted many tests of the Coronavirus, and they have the lowest rate of infection and deaths And the lower rate of infection. This is because of the wise leadership in this country, and because they compel their people and do anything to protect them without discrimination or negligence. ”

“If our leaders had dealt with the same thing instead of viewing it as a hoax, we would also be safe”.

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