Developing economic cooperation between the UAE and Mexico

Broad prospects for Developing economic cooperation between the UAE and Mexico. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy, discussed ways to develop frameworks of economic cooperation with Mexico. During his meeting with a number of ministers and officials in the Mexican government.

His participation in the UAE-Mexican business and trade forum hosted by Mexico City, as part of a visit by him at the head of an official and commercial delegation To both Mexico and Colombia.

The UAE and Mexico Economic cooperation

The UAE and Mexico … fruitful economic development and cooperation

  • The tracks of economic, commercial and investment cooperation between the two countries are open today to broad prospects for growth and development towards new levels.
  • Driven by the strength of bilateral relations and the common desire of the leadership of the two countries to upgrade their partnership in various fields of mutual interest.

The UAE-Mexican mutual tourism development efforts

Al-Mansouri discussed during his meeting Miguel Toroque Marques, Mexican Minister of Tourism.

  1. Ways to develop new channels to encourage tourists from both countries to visit tourist destinations in each of them to serve mutual tourism development efforts.
  2. Eventually, Stressing that the UAE within the framework of its policies based on economic diversification has put tourism as one of the main engines of sustainable development.

High-level Emirati delegation to visit Mexico and Colombia next week

UAE discusses industrial cooperation with Mexico

  • He discussed with his Mexican counterpart the development of a plan to encourage Emirati tourists to visit Mexico from its neighbouring countries.
  • So, The importance of the recent airline that Emirates Airlines links and Dubai and Mexico via Barcelona.
  • Which enhance the levels of trade and tourism exchange.
  • Finally, the importance of strengthening air connectivity during stage Coming.

The World Summit for Industry and Manufacturing

The UAE inspects Mexico’s markets

Mexican Deputy Minister of Economy Ernesto Fernandez said that:

The UAE become an example of:
  1. Achieving progress
  2. Diversifying economic resources
  3. Eventually, Speeding development in the fields of investment and trade exchange in the Middle East region.
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