Despite Coronavirus measures, “Godiva” is reunited with her parents

Authorities in Abu Dhabi reunited a 7 years old girl with her parents. The German girl, whose name is Godiva was able to re-enter the country despite Coronavirus measures. This is all thanks to the coordination of the UAE authorities.

UAE returns German girl “Godiva” to her parents’ arms

Lockdown prevents travel for 7 years old

The United Arab Emirates is still on lockdown. People must stay inside their homes for the duration of the quarantine. Only in essential circumstances may they come out, such as buying food, acquiring medical supplies. Key workers can also go out so that they can go to work.

These measures are in place to keep people safe, but sometimes it makes life difficult. In the case of Godiva, authorities helped. The girls’ parents reside in Abu Dhabi. Godiva took a trip to her homeland of Germany with her grandparents. When the Coronavirus situation escalated, all of the passenger flights in the UAE shut down. Due to this, Godiva could not return home.

UAE authorities took special steps to reunite Godiva with her parents. German authorities cooperated with the UAE throughout the process. Godiva spent an entire month in Germany waiting to return to her parents.

Above all, the girl is now safely home with her parents in Abu Dhabi. Her mother expressed incredible happiness. The family moved to Abu Dhabi in order to enjoy better career prospects. Godivas family is very happy with the sincerity and kindness of UAE authorities. Something that we all need during these difficult times.

Airports still in lockdown

All passenger flights will remain grounded until the quarantine ends. This is for the safety of all citizens. Special repatriation flights can return citizens of other countries to their homes.

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