Dennis Storm Sweeping the UK

Accompanying torrential rain and strong winds, Dennis Storm Sweeping the UK. Which is causing hundreds of flights to be suspended. while the army is mobilized and placing Southern Wales in a maximum alert condition that includes a “death risk” warning.

Dennis Storm Sweeping the UK

  1. About 200 flood warnings were issued in an area stretching from southern Scotland to Cornwall in southwest England.
  2. The wind speed in Aberdaron in southern Wales was 145 km per hour.

Sudden floods hit parts of Britain

The British authorities

  • They intensified their efforts to confront the damages caused by the severe storm, “Dennis”.
  • In addition, It is still sweeping across the country, accompanied by heavy rains that resulted in floods that hit many areas, especially in Wales.

Storm Dennis: Flood threat remains

The deterioration of the internal events of the country due to Dennis Storm Sweeping the UK.

which led to:

  • The evacuation of hundreds of houses
  • Coinciding with the cancellation of more flights Air
  • Eventually, Movement is disrupted on some railway lines

“Danger to life” Red Weather Warning

The UK Meteorological Authority

  1. It raised the warning of the stormy weather associated with the storm to red.
  2. After the warnings remained during the first day of “Dennis” between yellow and amber less dangerous.

Storm Dennis wide range of losses

  • The commission justified the move – which described as rare – as a result of “the widening range of losses caused by the storm.
  • As well as, It struck the country less than 10 days after the “Kiara” storm, which Britain still suffers from the severe damage caused so far.

The highest level recorded of warnings

  1. Authorities deployed military forces in some areas to build provisions for sudden floods.
  2. So, It reached 594 warnings, the highest level ever recorded in a single day in England.
  3. Since the documentation of weather-related facts began there

Dennis Storm accidents

  • The Coast Guard found the bodies of two people who drowned
  • Due to the high wave during the past forty-eight hours in the North Sea, off the coast of Kent County, southeast England.

Dennis Storm Has no limit

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