UAE performs operations using The Da Vinci surgical robot

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United States of Emirates announced a new medical achievement to be added to the series of health sector achievements, with the success of The Da Vinci surgical robot by completing 3 robotic operations in the gynecology field, making the ministry the first in the UAE to implement robotic surgeries.

Surgeries implementation by The Da Vinci surgical robot

The doctor specializing in The Da Vinci surgical robot In gynecology, Dr. Labib Riachi, performed the first three surgeries for uterine prolapse, using robotic arms connected with a 3D camera, by making a simple incision in the abdominal area without feeling the pain and complications that the patients were feeling when Perform uterine prolapse surgery, and within 24 hours, patients leave the hospital instead of staying for a long time in the hospital to follow-up patients in case of complications.

The Da Vinci surgical robot usage in medical specialties

The Minister of Health and Community Protection, Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammed Al Owais, affirmed that the priority of the Ministry in attracting and using the latest robots in surgical operations, and merging its achievements in artificial intelligence, based on the directions of the UAE government, to become a center of excellence in the Middle East in robotic surgeries in most medical specialties As the Ministry has made achievements in robotic heart surgeries, which opens the way for the emergence of new specialties to develop robotic surgery techniques.

UAE strategy for artificial intelligence

Al-Owais showed that the ministry is continuing transform to integrate artificial intelligence into medical services. Implementing the UAE strategy for artificial intelligence and data analysis at a rate of 100%, in line with the UAE Centennial 2071, and make a qualitative transformation in healthcare services by providing alternative treatment methods for patients, according to the latest international standards.

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