COVID-19 Rapid Examination in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” has announced the provision of a DPI laser scan to detect suspected cases of the “COVID-19” virus in three centers inside Abu Dhabi and Al Ain City (COVID-19 Rapid Examination), to facilitate the exit of Abu Dhabi residents from Principality and return again within 48 hours.

New COVID-19 Correctional Centers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

SEHA made it possible to book laser scanning appointments with “DPI” technology, to detect suspected cases of infection with the “COVID-19” virus, through its smart application “SEHA” and the laser scan service (DPI) to enter Abu Dhabi, noting that if a test showed DPI (Laser Technology) Necessity to perform a nasal swab (PCR) The examiner will have to perform the COVID-19 Rapid Examination at the center and pay 320 dirhams on site, and after the examination is performed he must adhere to the home quarantine until he receives the result of the nasal swab.

It explained that the laser COVID-19 Rapid Examination to enter Abu Dhabi is only available for the age of 12 years and above, in three centers that include the examination center in Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, and the survey center on the Corniche, in addition to the Hili survey center in Al Ain City, pointing to the need to bring the identity when attending the center , And show the QR code of the appointment on the mobile phone.

SEHA provided three types of appointment appointments: the first for individuals, the second for groups of no more than three, and the third for families and domestic workers with a maximum of five individuals. The 48-hour period of validity of using the laser COVID-19 Rapid Examination result (DPI) was entered to enter the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The “DPI” technology based on the laser depends on examining blood samples and reading the shape of the cells in them to determine – within seconds – the presence of infections such as those caused by the “COVID-19”. The diagnostic system in the innovative device in the UAE also adopts the advanced artificial intelligence technology in analyzing pictures according to A very accurate scale.

The «DPI» laser-based technology is characterized by the ease of checking procedures, obtaining the result, and cheap financial costs, as it does not take more than three minutes, during which a person is registered through an ID reader, and then blood is taken from the finger in the same way to check diabetes in the blood by scratching Small with a medical scalpel in the finger, and placing it under the device, where the blood cells trapped between two strips covered with the laser beam illuminate, to be done through the technology (DPI) based on the laser to determine whether the blood cells are infected with the virus or not, which encourages many to register to get an appointment, Especially that the COVID-19 Rapid Examination fee is only 50 dirhams.

The COVID-19 Rapid Examination device

It depends on the distinction of laser rays, important characteristics in terms of the intense intensity of its optical beams, as well as the shape and intensity of parallelism and interconnection between those beams, which makes it an important and accurate tool for detecting the presence of infected cells, and the medical sector in the country through the technology of laser COVID-19 Rapid Examination succeeded in abbreviating a lot From time and effort, given the possibility of harnessing it in detecting the virus, whether by performing laser scanning for a large number of individuals at once without the need for expensive devices and technologies and sophistication, or by using them in analyzing blood samples in medical laboratories, and revealing the result within a few seconds.

Stages for COVID-19 Rapid Examination

The three stages that make up the DPI laser COVID-19 Rapid Examination include highlighting the blood sample, reading the shape of the cells to determine the presence of the virus or not, and then the result appears, and all stages do not need more than a few seconds, as the presence of the virus in the blood cells is investigated By shining lasers on the blood cells, they mutate into coordinated light circuits, and if they occur on the Corona virus, they scatter in a certain way, and give a signal of the infection, revealing the infection very quickly, and in a way that enables examining large groups of individuals at the same time, and documenting the results The COVID-19 Rapid Examination by taking pictures of the cells’ shape via a camera connected to the COVID-19 Rapid Examination system

Source: khaleejtimes
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