Costa Rica reviews the UAE’s experience in facing COVID-19

Ohoud Bint Khalfan Al-Roumi, Minister of the State of the United Arab Emirates for Governmental Development and the Future, Costa Rica affirmed that the UAE government is keen to enhance rapprochement and partnership between governments by sharing its pioneering experiences in dealing with the emerging coronavirus pandemic that affected various countries of the world, achieving sustainable economic recovery, and developing An advanced health system, embodying the vision of wise leadership, through sharing knowledge, successful government experiences and proactive methodologies for the benefit of human societies.

Costa Rica Strategic Partnership Agreement with UAE

This came during the ministerial session held by the UAE government with the government of the Republic of Costa Rica remotely, within the framework of the Strategic Partnership Agreement for Government Modernization, in the presence of His Excellency Maria Del Pilar Garrido, Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy of the Republic of Costa Rica, and aimed at sharing the experience of the UAE government in facing the pandemic Covid-19, and the measures it has followed to achieve rapid economic recovery, in addition to the health policies and initiatives that have proven successful.

Her Excellency Ahoud Al-Roumi said: “The UAE government believes that confronting the global COVID-19 pandemic and addressing its repercussions on various vital sectors requires effective international cooperation and the need to share successful government models, including the advanced Emirati model, and proactive and flexible plans in determining future priorities.

The Minister of State for Governmental Development and the Future referred to the importance of the meeting in strengthening the strategic partnership between the governments of the UAE and the Republic of Costa Rica, which share visions to develop the government work system in line with the requirements of the next phase, praising the efforts of the joint work teams in developing innovative mechanisms and ideas to serve the societies of the two countries.

Development plans for a stage Beyond COVID-19

For her part, His Excellency Maria Del Pilar Garrido affirmed the Republic of Costa Rica’s keenness to enhance cooperation with the UAE and benefit from its success stories, innovative initiatives and policies developed over the past years, which made it the country most prepared for challenges, and its ability to redefine national priorities to ensure business continuity and enhance its development plans for a stage Beyond COVID-19.

Garrido indicated that the Costa Rican government is building its future capabilities and modernizing its administrative apparatus, by adopting the advanced Emirati government model, which focuses on enhancing readiness by preparing government competencies and providing them with the necessary skills, adopting the concepts of government innovation, and promoting future strategic planning that anticipates challenges and focuses on opportunities. Quality to achieve comprehensive development.

The session was attended by His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Al Shehhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Economic Affairs, His Excellency Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection for the Public Health Sector, Dr. Saif Jumah Al Dhaheri, Director of Safety and Prevention Department at the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, and a number of experts and government officials In the governments of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Costa Rica.

Importance of the UAE economic trends

The ministerial session discussed the policies developed by the UAE government in preparation for the post-COVID-19 phase and the most important economic trends that have been adopted.

His Excellency Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Al Shehhi reviewed the systematic response plan put in place by the state to lead the recovery phase, stimulate the economy and drive growth in a record period, through two main stages, the first in the short term, which witnessed the launch of stimulus packages for the most affected economic sectors.

The second phase includes the adoption of a set of long-term programs and plans that ensure the enhancement of the resilience and sustainability of the leading economic model in the country, by encouraging financing and investment in sectors with high future potential, while giving priority to supporting and revitalizing the small and medium enterprises sector because of the basic pillar this sector represents. For policies of economic diversification and enhancing the competitiveness and resilience of the national economy.

The ministerial session touched on the efforts of the UAE government and the most important health initiatives that it launched and implemented to confront the Corona pandemic for the UAE government and its adoption of best global practices in assessing health risks, strengthening precautionary and preventive measures for rapid response and immediate control and control of the emerging coronavirus, and protecting community members from the repercussions of the virus, which It included the launch of an integrated national sterilization program and the government’s initiative to conduct more than 6 million medical examinations for the virus with the aim of early detection, counting and isolating infected cases and their contacts, and establishing the largest laboratory to diagnose the virus.

Costa Rica reviewed the UAE government’s innovative initiatives

The session also reviewed the government’s innovative initiatives, including expanding the scope of “vehicle scanning” at the state level, to enhance the response and raise the level of government readiness, by developing innovative methods of testing and providing health care, to ensure the containment of the virus and the resumption of business and economic activities, while ensuring the preservation of On the health of community members, by taking all necessary preventive measures and measures, with the concerted efforts of all government sectors and national efforts to enhance health security in the country.

They reviewed the efforts of the UAE government in containing the virus and its directions to develop a national strategy for preparedness and epidemic management, and to innovate health care solutions in the fields of digital medicine, in addition to enhancing government investment in the manufacture of medicines and vaccines to confront future epidemics.

Source: WAM
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