Coronavirus: UAE supercomputer to help world combat Virus

A UAE-based tech company is offering its artificial intelligence (AI) services for free to researchers who are working on any aspect of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The company connecting with UAE authority directly, and provide and assists them in any way, such as access to portable advanced diagnostic kits that will help prevent and detect 2019-nCoV infections across the UAE’s border.

The firm called, G42, which showed great collaboration with the UAE, to help people around the world who are affected by Coronavirus, through making our powerful computing capacity available to contribute towards rapid scientific solutions.

The latest report from the firm was trying to help international experts, to use certain Artemis, the world’s 26th most powerful supercomputer, in any field that will contribute solutions to the coronavirus outbreak.

Furthermore, this advice and support will be free of charge for academic and non-profit organisations.

The firm also shows great support in terms of handing practice medical equipment which is needed urgently such as, surgical masks, medical gloves, goggles and protective clothing – to the areas affected by the virus in China.

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