Coronavirus: UAE hospitals allocated exclusively for COVID-19 patients

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout medical facilities, the (UAE) United Arab Emirates allocated dedicated centers for virus treatment. Al-Ain Hospital and Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi designated as viral treatment centers.

Segmenting patients will save lives

The UAE hopes to save the lives of thousands of people by reducing the chances of coming into contact with a Coronavirus patient. By allocating specific hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 authorities aim to keep the virus completely contained.

Having treatment centers wholely dedicated to the care of Coronavirus patients ensures that those patients will receive the best care possible. As well as, Medical supplies such as respirators will stock in these facilities.

Tawam Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City are being cleared as COVID-19 free zones. None of the hospitals will intake suspected cases of Coronavirus or influenza. Healthcare authorities hope to keep patients treated for unrelated conditions away from the deadly virus.

COVID-19 testing gets ramped up

Abu Dhabi now hosted to several drive through Coronavirus testing clinics. These facilities have successfully processed thousands of tests already. In addition, Patients are able to receive a test from the comfort and safety of their own vehicles. So, It estimated that each clinic can process tests for over 600 citizens a day.

A new testing facility opened to process the results of the drive-through clinics. This is the largest Coronavirus testing laboratory outside of mainland China. As well as, The lab fully equipped to process tens of thousands of results every single day.

Testing is an essential strategy in the war against COVID-19. Countries across the globe are scrambling to increase their testing facilities. So, the numbers of infected grow rapidly it is clear that aggressive defensive action is the only course.

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