Coronavirus … Record the first death in the United States

Declaring a state of emergency in Washington after the first death of an American in Corona. As, The United States recorded the first death of the coronavirus today, Saturday, according to US media.

Coronavirus … Record the first death in the United States

The Associated Press reported, quoting government officials, that:

The death had been registered in Washington state.

President Donald Trump Speech

For his part, US President Donald Trump revealed to reporters that:

  • The victim of the virus is an elderly American citizen, as well as, stressing that four people are in serious condition.

Trump tips to prevent coronavirus


The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention

It has previously announced that:

  • Firstly, The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States has reached 62.
  • Secondly, The death came after the US Department of Health officials warned that.
  • As well as, The virus began to circulate in the country from person to person, unrelated to any foreign trips.
The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Friday that:
  • In addition, It recorded three confirmed infections among people who had not travelled outside the country.

Matthew Fossey said:

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in the United States noted that things have become complicated.

“It is very difficult to trace the primary source” of new HIV infections in the United States.

No control over the coronavirus

  • Coronavirus did not distinguish between ordinary people and celebrities around the world.
  • So, everyone is equal before infection, perhaps to death.

World Health Organization

So, The WHO Spokesman stated that:

The outbreak will increase more and more in the coming period

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