Ammar Al Nuaimi inaugurates Corona Laser Screening Center

His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, affirmed that the wise leadership of the UAE is striving to provide all capabilities, needs, and facilities for citizens by establishing Corona Laser Screening Center, advanced examination centres and obtaining special medical results at this time when we are facing the Corona pandemic, explaining that the leadership is keen on the health of citizens and residents of the state.

Ajman Corona Laser Screening Center

This came during the inauguration of His Highness the Corona Laser Screening Center technology examination centre at the Emirates Hospitality Hall in Ajman, which was organized by the «Tamouh HealthCare» company today, with the aim of making it easier for citizens and residents to conduct rapid checks for Corona that do not exceed 3 minutes.

His Highness was accompanied during the opening of the centre, Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department and Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, Major General Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ajman Medical District Hamad Tarim Al Shamsi, and a number of senior officials.

Corona Laser Screening Center quick examination

His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi said that science is developing day after day for the sake of serving mankind and mankind, praising the leadership’s directives and its keenness to provide advanced and fast examination centres in order to check on the health of citizens and residents, and what these multiple centres are, including the examination from the car and now the quick examination with Corona Laser Screening Center technology, However, it is evidence of the leadership’s interest and keenness and it’s striving to make the UAE free of diseases and get rid of this epidemic.

He added that the establishment of this Corona Laser Screening Center comes in fulfilment of the directives of our leadership and its interest in preserving the health of community members from the emerging corona and commitment to prevention programs and taking precautionary measures to prevent this disease, stressing the need for everyone to implement prevention protocols and go to conduct a corona test, whether by swab or laser technology to besiege the epidemic. The achievement of comprehensive safety for all members of society, this stage will pass as soon as possible.

Fast examination contribute to controlling and ending the epidemic

His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi and his companions conducted the first Corona Laser Screening Center examination to mark the opening of the centre in front of the public. The examination is very fast, not exceeding 3 minutes, for only 50 dirhams, which would contribute to controlling and ending the epidemic.

Al-Rashidi said that the establishment of this Corona Laser Screening Center – which is the first in the Northern Emirates – comes to serve the residents of the Northern Emirates and the Emirate of Ajman, especially in this vital and important location, explaining that the Corona Laser Screening Center receives those wishing to conduct Corona checks 24 hours a day, seven days a week and indicated that it will be conducted Checks for all applicants, next to 50 dirhams, starting today.

He added that the Corona Laser Screening Center contains 20 examination platforms with laser technology in addition to other platforms for examination by swab, explaining that the centre is fully prepared to receive between 6 and 8 thousand daily references from citizens and residents over a period of 24 hours and that the work of the centre will continue until the end of the Corona pandemic. He called on everyone to do the tests in order to maintain their health and address Corona.

Al-Rashidi noted that providing corona examination services for all members of society is one of the important preventive and precautionary measures to achieve safety and that these checks contribute to controlling the epidemic.

He stressed that the «Tamouh HealthCare» Company has completed all the necessary arrangements to receive citizens and residents in the Northern Emirates and start work immediately, indicating that the choice of the place and location in the city of Ajman came due to the importance and ease of access to it from all the northern emirates.

Source: WAM
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