Spanish Atalayar: City Football Group is a spherical Emirati empire

Spanish magazine “Atalayar” confirmed that the Emirati company, “City Football Group”, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, has changed the concept of football after it became the largest investor in the world of football, by being able within 7 years Only, since its establishment in 2013, has acquired 10 clubs around the world, to give a distinctive image to the Arab and Emirati investor, and to become an Emirati empire in the world of football.

City Football Group is a spherical Emirati empire

French Troyes

City Football Group
Emirati empire in the world of football

The magazine stated that “City Football Group” recently acquired the French second-class Troyes team, to join a long list that includes 9 other clubs, the most important of which is Manchester City, one of the most important teams in Europe and the world, and the English Premier League.

The magazine referred to what Troyes had published at the time of the deal negotiations, and to the statements of the former owner, Daniel Masoni, in which he confirmed that the “City Football Group” has become a major player in football on the international stage, and everyone should benefit from it in how to develop football clubs.

City Football Group 10 clubs list

The magazine listed the names of the ten clubs owned by the “City Football Group”, and indicated that this expansion is expected to continue with more acquisitions by the company, after attracting investments worth $ 500 million from the American company, “Silver Lake”, which indicates the attractiveness of its business, which has become. Its value is estimated at $ 4.8 billion, making it the largest investor in the football world, according to Forbes magazine.

The magazine confirmed that the group’s success with Manchester City was more positive, whether at the sporting level, by winning the Sky Blues a large number of titles, or by contracting with high-level players and coaches with distinguished names and reputation, as well as at the level of the economy and business growth.

City Football Group Investment growth

It also indicated in its report, that the “City Football Group” was established in 2013, and achieved tremendous growth, thanks to the investments that were made, praising the plans that were drawn up since the beginning of its establishment by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and goes beyond the stage of achieving profits and buying contracts Players, to the stage of continuous development of clubs in all fields of sports and commercial, alike, and even social, through a number of initiatives in the communities of cities in which the clubs owned by the company are located.

City Football Group Infrastructure

The Spanish magazine “Atalayar” cited previous words, stated by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in which he asserted that “it is wrong for some to think that the experience of investing in the club is just spending money to buy more expensive players.” However, sports investment through it must focus on young talent in academies, infrastructure and community service.

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