Chinese Media Praise UAE’s Support to China

Chinese Media Praise UAE’s Support to China,  days ago UAE showed China solidarity and support through lighting up Burj Al Khalifa, today Chinese media passages have praised the UAE’s support to China in its fight against the new coronavirus.

To mention all majority media have underlined the UAE’s symbolic motion of enlightening important landmarks in the country on Sunday evening with the Chinese flag and supportive messages in Mandarin.

Media reports also valued the message of support and solidarity, which was so crucial for Chinas Current situation.  Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces was highly appreciated for his generosity and continues support.

The photos published everywhere in China media of Burj Khalifa and other landmarks in UAE with lit up for China against Coronavirus outbreak, under the headline ‘UAE landmarks fuel China’s fight against Coronavirus to fight and not alone and also cheering China for their outstanding work.

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