China allows non-corona-infected people to leave Wuhan

For the first time, China allows non-corona-infected people to leave Wuhan. On Monday, the Chinese authorities announced the easing of quarantine measures imposed on Wuhan nearly a month ago, after the outbreak of a new Corona epidemic.

Non-corona-infected people allowed to leave Wuhan

The central government of Wuhan, in central China, stated that:

  1. The residents who are not permanently resident will be allowed to leave.
  2. If they do not show symptoms of coronavirus infection.
  3. Eventually, there is no contact between them and those infected with the virus.

Coronavirus records high death rates and fewer injuries in China

  • Wuhan, with a population of about 11 million, has been under quarantine since January 23.
  • After the Chinese authorities cut all transportation to and from it in an attempt to control the spread of the epidemic.

A statement by the municipality stated that:

  1. People who have special reasons to leave the city, including those who need treatment from other medical conditions.
  2. Who carry out work to prevent the spread of the epidemic, can leave the city as well.
  3. Finally, Those wishing to leave must seek permission from the local authorities in advance.

Departing cars are not permitted to transport more than two people, one of whom is the driver, at one time, according to the municipality.

When the departures arrive at their stations outside Wuhan, they must register with the local authorities and monitor their health for a period of 14 days, according to the statement.

The spread of “Covid-19”

  • The epidemic, called “Covid-19”, first appeared in a wild animal market in Wuhan in late December.
  • It spread to all parts of China and to more than 25 countries and regions around the world.

The victory over coronavirus

The UAE institutions fight the new Coronavirus

The UAE institutions are helping the world fight the new Coronavirus .. Do you think the victory over CoronaVirus comes with Arab minds?

With the current events, and the increasing number of deaths and infected people. the countries have to show more efforts to control and defeat the deadly Coronavirus. with the help of the UAE institutions. As well as, it was able to treat about 3 cases, which is the largest number of treated cases across the countries.

Eventually, It may be a step for the Arab emirates to defeat the coronavirus with highly concentrated brains and the latest medical technological institutions.

The UAE institutions are helping the world fight the new Coronavirus .. Do you think the victory over CoronaVirus comes…

Geplaatst door UAE Voice op Maandag 24 februari 2020

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