Best Tourist Places in Abu Dhabi 2020

Abu Dhabi city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates located on the island of Abu Dhabi, which contains the headquarters of the State Presidency and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and embassies of foreign countries. Abu Dhabi possesses many Tourist Places capabilities, which makes it one of the best destinations for tourism in the UAE. Tourism is also one of the most important pillars of the economy in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi island and city is one of the most important tourism destinations in the Emirates that attract a number of tourists and Arab and foreign families looking for fun, entertainment, and the charming coastal nature, as well as those looking for good opportunities in the field of business and investment.

Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Where the Emirati capital, which includes the main centre of government for the country and most of the embassies of foreign countries, has opened its door strongly during the past few years to improve the tourism and investment industries on its lands by building and developing a series of historical tourism and entertainment institutions and giant resorts that attract the attention of tourists and investors alike from different parts of the world And on top of those institutions are the giant malls of Abu Dhabi.

During the article, we review 10 of the most important malls of Abu Dhabi, which have always attracted thousands of visitors, for the splendour of its design, the fun entertainment it offers, and a shopping atmosphere that suits different tastes, desires, and different ages during tourism tours in Abu Dhabi, the capital.

Best Tourist Places in Abu Dhabi 2020

The best malls in Abu Dhabi

In this topic, we will get to know together with the best malls in Abu Dhabi. It includes the most famous and most luxurious shopping centres that contain the most famous international brands:

Best Tourist Malls in Abu Dhabi 2020

  1. Yas Mall
  2. Marina Mall
  3. Al Raha Mall
  4. Abu Dhabi Mall
  5. Khalidiyah Mall
  6. Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi
  7. Madinat Zayed Market
  8. The Galleria Mall
  9. Avenue Union Towers
  10. Al-Ain Mall

Yas Mall

Yas Mall is considered being the largest mall in Abu Dhabi, as it has about 450 different shops that include the most famous international and local brands. Which makes it one of the best tourist destinations, where millions of shopping enthusiasts visit annually. The mall contains many international restaurants and a beautiful entertainment park.

Marina Mall

Marina Mall is one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi. You can find home furniture, electronics, clothing, and everything you need within a single building. That spans a wide area and includes hundreds of stores from the most famous international brands. The centre also includes restaurants and entertainment activities for various family members.

Al Raha Mall

Al Raha Mall is very popular among Abu Dhabi malls. It attracts many visitors to spend the most enjoyable times in the company of the family and enjoy watching and shopping various types of products, such as

  • Fashion
  • Household appliances
  • Furniture
  • A wide technology world

Where you will find in Al Raha Mall many stores of the most famous international brands of high quality In addition to the presence of restaurants and cafes.

Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the most important and largest shopping centres in Abu Dhabi, which is intended for shopping lovers. It extends over a large area and includes more than two hundred stores to display various types of goods and services of high quality for the most famous international brands. The centre contains many restaurants and cafes, the Abu Dhabi Center A good choice for spending the most enjoyable time with family and friends.

Khalidiyah Mall

Khalidiyah Mall is characterized by a great location in the Khalidiyah area and a very wonderful design and is considered one of the finest shopping places in Abu Dhabi The centre includes many shops, restaurants, and cafes. It provides the visitor with the ability to shop in a distinctive atmosphere and products from the most important and most prominent international brands vary between electronics, clothing, and furniture.

Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi

Al Wahda Mall is considered one of the most important shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and is a popular destination for city visitors and locals alike. The centre includes a variety of shops that include clothes, shoes, accessories, and foodstuffs. In addition to various restaurants and entertainment places for children.

Madinat Zayed Market

Madinat Zayed Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping places in Abu Dhabi, as it extends over a large area and includes hundreds of different stores that sell all products. The most important thing about this complex is the presence of many stores specialized in selling jewellery of

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Pearls

Which is one of the most important gold markets in The Arabian Gulf

The Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall is one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi. This prestigious complex is located on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, and it contains more than 130 shops, diversified to the most famous international brands.

You can also find new stores for luxury brands that are located for the first time in Abu Dhabi. There are 50 stores, the complex, like other complexes, includes many famous restaurants and cafes worldwide.

Avenue Union Towers

Avenue Towers considered one of the finest shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi, which includes about 43 luxury international brands. It includes international brands that found for the first time in Abu Dhabi, such as Hermes and Chloe. It provided the latest fashion in clothing and accessories. In addition to the most famous international restaurants such as Fuchun French Restaurant.

Al-Ain Mall

Al-Ain Shopping Complex is one of the largest malls in Abu Dhabi, located on an area of ​​about 108,000 square feet. It consists of two floors, which include a variety of shops such as clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, and home furniture.

In addition to various restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, the complex also has an ice skating rink, a large bowling alley, and cinemas.

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