Autonomous Jetman Human Flight in Expo 2020 Dubai

Autonomous Jetman Human Flight advances the independent human journey in Expo 2020 Dubai. Jetman Vince Revit flew over the sky of Dubai at a height of 1,800 meters.

Independent human journey in Expo 2020 Dubai

It is an achievement that is the first of its kind for the companies “Expo 2020” and “Jetman Dubai” as part of their continuous efforts to develop and enable the man to fly in the atmosphere self and without assistance.

Human Flight programme

  • French pilot, Venice Revit, world champion in “skydiving” Dubai.
  • As well as, He started from the runway “Skydive”, using direct jet devices from fixed positions.
  • Finally, knowing that previous international experiences were carried out from elevated platforms.

Autonomous Jetman Human Flight over the sky of Dubai

The appreciation of Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan

  1. Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, on his official page on Instagram.
  2. Eventually, He praised the autonomous Jetman Human Flight team that worked to achieve this achievement and who is behind this important step.

Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed said:

“He is a major milestone in the pursuit of a 100% independent human journey. Well done, guys.”

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