Aubrey Escano thanks UAE for helping expats during pandemic

Out of college and with barely enough money to compensate for the taxi for a one-way trip to the hospital, Abu Dhabi citizen Aubrey Escano figured out she was coronavirus positive on May 1.

Uncertain on whether she would care for her hospital costs and uncertain about how she would endure the infection, finding out she was diagnosed with COVID-19 was “one of the most painful moments” of her existence.

From 2017, the 27-year-old Filipina was working as an administrative officer at a dental clinic in the Capital and was forced to go out for two months on unpaid leave from work due to the market effects of the pandemic.

Aubrey Escano’s Statements

“I didn’t have any cash, and neither did I have my new visa,” she said.

Aubrey Escano would send most of her monthly pay back home to support the education of her younger brother. And, in the UAE she hadn’t much cash in hand.

In addition to this, her husband, who is also based in Abu Dhabi and works in Musaffah’s industrial district, has licensed COViD-19 from his place of employment. He has himself become cash-strapped.

At the same time, she experienced suspected COVID-19 symptoms. “I felt exhausted, Coughing won’t stop and I couldn’t breathe. I needed to put myself to the test, “she said.

On April 25, she made her way to a private hospital in Abu Dhabi where the doctors checked her and returned home to wait for her tests.

She decided to go to Sheik Khalifa Medical City. It’s a public hospital in the emirate after her tests came out positive and her condition worsened.

Aubrey Escano had lost her appetite and sense of smell and taste by this time.

The medical staff assisted Escano immediately and conducted a number of tests ranging. From electrocardiography (ECG) to X-rays and swab tests.

Then they sent her to a hotel, which has become a quarantine facility.

Aubrey Escano said she had been provided with everything she needed. From three meals a day to laundry services and also on-site medical assistance.

Source: gulfnews

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