American Harvard Remote study system as in the UAE

After the UAE model, American Harvard turns to the system of distance study. In a bold and swift move, the UAE announced early March this transformation of its educational and academic institutions to a “remote study” system in order to preserve the safety of students, and as an alternative solution in such health conditions globally.

The UAE emergency situations strategies

The UAE system of distance study

  • Emphasizing the efficiency of the plans and strategies of the UAE in dealing with crises in emergency situations.
  • American Harvard University announced, in a similar step, on Tuesday, the transition of all its classes to the distance education system starting from March 23.
  • As a result of the spread of the “Covid-19” virus and its rapid spread According to what the President of the University Lawrence Baku announced in an email.

American Harvard turns to the system of distance study

Remote study system

The American Harvard Crimson daily, which publishes news about the ancient academic edifice, said that:
  1. The previous step comes in the wake of similar decisions in other universities in recent days.
  2. Parallel to the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in Massachusetts.
  3. Eventually, The closure of a number of places, and the tightening of travel restrictions.

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