Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah receives 500 volunteers

Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Head of the Medical and Therapeutic Services Department at the Hospitals Department at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, confirmed that Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah – the first centre outside Abu Dhabi to register, examine and test volunteers wishing to participate in the world’s first clinical trial for the third phase of the vaccine Active virus “COVID-19” – During the first three days, nearly 500 volunteers from different segments and nationalities were given the vaccination without any collateral damage.

Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah

Al-Muhairi said in an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency, that the target group for these clinical trials are healthy people who do not suffer from any chronic diseases or immunodeficiency, in addition to the non-pregnant group for women.

It is noteworthy that the volunteer stations start recording the person’s data. Then he goes to the nursing station to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature, then he goes to the medical consultation station, followed by the laboratory station, which witnesses two tests, one of which is a blood test and the other is a COVID-19 test. Notes that may occur in terms of high temperature or sensitivity.

Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah receives 500 volunteers for clinical trials of inactive COVID-19 vaccine

Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah noted that these clinical trials come on the basis of the strategy of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to eradicate the COVID-19 virus, support scientific research, encourage volunteering and serve ‘4 humanity.‘ Abu Dhabi Health Services “SEHA” and “G42 Healthcare” and operates throughout the week from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

It indicated that the centre has the appropriate space and ideal facilities that help in registering and conducting medical examination for volunteers according to the best scientific standards followed, as well as easy access to the various residents of Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.

On their part, a number of volunteers in the Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah expressed their pride and capacity to participate in the clinical trials of the third phase of the inactive “COVID-19” vaccine and the importance of their role in this stage of the vaccine, wishing the success of these experiments to eliminate this pandemic and quickly return to normal life. They emphasized the ease and smoothness of the procedures followed at the centre, calling on their family members and friends to volunteer at this important stage.

The opening of the Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah follows the success of the specialized field clinic that was recently opened at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center “ADNEC” and witnessed the participation of thousands of volunteers.

The expansion of the scope of trials throughout the country is part of a series of national initiatives aimed at enhancing the health of the population and supporting medical research and development capabilities in the UAE and confirms the local capacity to manufacture the vaccine in accordance with international guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration.

UAE third phase of the clinical trials

The clinical trials of the third phase continue the successful course of the first and second phase trials conducted by “Sinopharma” in China, which resulted in 100 percent of volunteers generating antibodies to “S-CoV-2”, the virus that causes “COVID-19” after two doses within 28. The third phase in the Al Qarayen Health Centre in Sharjah experiences are available to volunteers who live in the UAE between the ages of 18 and 60 and last for a period of between three and six months, and volunteers are required to be present for follow-up during that period.

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