Ajman Businesswomen Council holds its 3rd meeting for the year 2020

Her Excellency Dr. Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Chairman of the Ajman Businesswomen Council and Member of the Board of Directors of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, praised the wise leadership’s keenness to provide an attractive economic climate to support projects for women and business leaders, stressing the strength of the economic sector in the UAE and its flexibility in dealing with all variables.

This came during Dr. Amna Khalifa presiding over the third meeting of the Council for the year 2020 to review work developments, review the most important projects and initiatives, and discuss the future work plan to ensure the provision of services of added value to the members of the Council and women and business leaders which was held remotely through the visual communication feature.

Ajman Businesswomen Council Efforts

Her Excellency praised the efforts of the Ajman Businesswomen Council represented by the projects, achievements, and initiatives of its members, and its support for them, which contributed to achieving the aspirations of Emirati women on the economic level despite the circumstances of the emerging COVID-19.

Her Excellency praised the efforts of the Ajman Businesswomen Council over the past months in implementing many initiatives and forums to ensure business continuity for its members and develop their projects and clarified that the council’s strengthening of its partnerships with public and private sector institutions contributed mainly to the sustainability and growth of the business.

The Council’s achievements included the signing of cooperation and partnership agreements to diversify the services directed to its members with several companies and entities to implementing many initiatives.

Ajman Businesswomen Council launches Ishraqa Program

The national program Ishraqa under the slogan “A Woman Shines with the Economy” and within the time plan provided a “platform” for female entrepreneurs in many fields to encourage and support vital projects that meet the community’s needs, especially those related to its economic and social security, investing the growing need and demand in the targeted areas, and transforming them into successful projects by employing modern technology or providing innovative solutions.

The Council Second Meeting Achievements for the year 2020

The meeting of the Council dealt with the minutes of the second meeting for the year 2020 and approved it and reviewed the achievements of the Council during the period from March to the end of October 2020, including the statistics of the new and renewed Bidaya license, and the 8 training courses and workshops that it implemented, which numbered 8 workshops and courses by experts and specialists, besides organizing a forum A hypothetical forum entitled “Agribusiness Entrepreneurship” and a Ramadan Council entitled “Economic Initiatives and Electronic Platforms to Support Projects” beside a hypothetical forum entitled “Innovative Precautionary Technologies” under the slogan “Innovators Contributed to Achieving Precautionary Measures” to highlight the most prominent modern innovations that accompanied the precautionary measures In the state.

The members of the Board were briefed on the 31 qualified projects in the two categories of the program, including 5 projects that qualified in food and water security for the second phase of the program and 4 projects in health, while the specialized workshops for the first phase, numbering 3, were reviewed, and the second phase workshops, which are 9 workshops were directed. For members of the council and entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs.

Council commends the role of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The meeting dealt with the latest developments in the new building of the Ajman Businesswomen Council in the Al Jurf area in Ajman, which was equipped with all requirements, besides preparing 64 stores on the ground floor and numbering them according to the planned distribution.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the members praised the great role of the Board of Directors of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in providing integrated support for the Council’s projects and initiatives and thanked the government and private agencies for their cooperation in implementing programs and initiatives that enhance the participation of businesswomen in the national economy.

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