Afghanistan received medical supplies from the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has sent a medical aid plane to Afghanistan, containing 7 tons of medical supplies, to counter the spread of the emerging Coronavirus.

More than 7,000 health care workers are benefiting from this aid to enhance their efforts to combat the virus.

UAE support for Afghanistan

The United Arab Emirates ambassador to Afghanistan, Issa Salem Mohammed Al Dhaheri, said that the United Arab Emirates is committed to providing front-line workers in Afghanistan with the appropriate protective equipment to preserve their health and safety against corona.

Al Dhaheri added: “This multiple aids is the best proof of the United Arab Emirate’s determination to cooperate and stand alongside Afghanistan to support its efforts to limit the spread of the epidemic.”

The United Arab Emirates sent a medical aid shipment to Afghanistan last March, which included 20,000 testing units and equipment for examining thousands.

This shipment comes within the assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates to more than 54 countries, which reached more than 641 tons, and more than 640,000 workers in the health field have benefited from it.

UAE support for Afghanistan

The United Arab Emirates renews its pledge to continue providing humanitarian and development support to Afghanistan.

The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as it continues its efforts to help it overcome the various challenges it faces at all levels.

The continued and comprehensive UAE support for Afghanistan stems from several considerations:

Firstly, it is one of the constants of the state’s foreign policy that aims at solidarity with brotherly and friendly countries, and helping it to overcome the difficult conditions it faces, embodying its moral and human responsibility that raises the values ​​of solidarity with Arab and Islamic peoples, and this is understood from the assertion of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, continuing Emirati support for the humanitarian and developmental aspects that raise the level of the various services provided to the Afghan people and the vital sectors: educational, health and social, which are essential pillars for achieving development and stability in the country.

Secondly, efforts to achieve security, stability and development in Afghanistan represent a common regional and international interest, not only because they represent a major front in the war on terrorism in light of the presence of numerous cross-border terrorist organizations on its soil such as “Al-Qaeda” and “ISIS”, but also because they are located In a region fraught with sources of tension and turmoil, and for this, it is important to support security, peace and stability efforts in it, and the UAE has made and still is, making many efforts to promote peace and security opportunities in Afghanistan. It hosted the negotiating round between the “Taliban” movement and the Afghan government with the participation of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Pakistan, and the United States of America, to support the Afghan reconciliation efforts, also participated in the “Tashkent” conference in Uzbekistan, during which it renewed its commitment to assist the Afghan people in achieving their vision towards peace, stability and prosperity.

Thirdly, that development support for Afghanistan, which is translated into many projects in the areas of education, health and housing, with the aim of improving the living conditions of the Afghan people, is inseparable from the United Arab Emirate’s comprehensive vision to combat extremism and terrorism, which stems from a deep awareness of the importance of working to dry the economic, social and cultural environment that It fuels extremism and violence, as the experiences of many countries in crises and conflicts, including Afghanistan, indicate that the forces of extremism and terrorism exploit the difficult living conditions in stabilizing their feet, spreading their ideas, and winning supporters and supporters. Therefore, the United Arab Emirate’s efforts in support of the Afghan people, economically and humanly, come in this. The context aimed at helping the Afghan government address the threat of extremism and terrorism facing the country.

Source: WAM
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