The launch of the «AFA» Institutes for football in the UAE

The Technological Institute of Ball, affiliated to the Argentine Football Association, is holding a press conference today at the Federation’s headquarters in Buenos Aires to announce the official launch of the “AFA” technological institutes in the UAE, and it will be broadcast on the official “AFA” channel on YouTube in both Spanish and English.

AFA technological institutes in the UAE

AFA Institutes conference

The conference in Argentina will be attended by Felipe Sola, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Ambassador Jorge Niemi, Secretary of International Economic Relations, Claudio Tapia, President of the Argentine Football Association, and Guillermo Toffoni, Chairman of the Institutes’ Board of Directors, while Gabriel Jorge, Chargé d’Affairs to the conference from Dubai, “remotely” At the Argentine Embassy, ​​Engineer Omar Al-Masry, Director General of HITS Academy, and Mohamed El-Naggar, AFA INSTITUTE representative in the Middle East.

Al Dhafra Lounges presents the Brazilian trio

Al Dhafra Sports Games at the club’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi presented the Brazilian trio Gabriel Mora, Marco Moreira, Miguel Kenji and the goalkeeper coach Raphael Sakano, who will be part of the futsal team squad for the 2020/2021 season.

The players’ presentation conference was attended by Issa Al Mazrouei, President of Al Dhafra Sports Games, Saeed Al Khaswouni, Vice President of the Company, Ahmed Al Falahi, Board Member, and Hassan Al Hammadi, Director of the Group Games Department at Al Dhafra Club.

Issa Al Mazrouei wished the three players and the coach of the guard’s success with the team in presenting a distinguished season in which the team returns to the podiums as it was during the previous seasons.

One draw for all rounds of the President’s Cup

The Football Association puts the final touches for the draw ceremony for the Cup competitions of His Highness the President of the State and the First Class League for the new sports season, which will be held next Tuesday evening at the headquarters of the Health Department in the capital Abu Dhabi, under the generous patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the honorary president of the Football Association. The precious cup draw will be the same for all championship rounds, unlike the system that has been implemented in recent years, by holding a lottery for each round of the championship. The Competitions Committee of the Football Association, headed by Ahmed bin Darwish, is working to complete the draw mechanism, in the coming hours.

The upcoming football matches in the UAE

The round of 16 matches will be held over a period of 3 days from 19 to 21 November, while the quarter-final matches will be held on December 24 and 25, and the semi-final match will be held on January 15, and the final match will be held next May 9.

The draw for the Cup of His Highness, the President of the State, will be preceded by the holding of the draw for the qualifiers for the tournament among the second-class teams, and the tournament will take place over a period of 5 weeks, starting on September 25th.

The division competition participation

The celebration witnessed the draw for the first-division competition, and there is a surprise that the names of the second division champions Quattro and its runner-up Al-Falah are empty due to administrative conditions and the failure to meet the conditions required for their participation, and 11 teams will participate in the draw ceremony, which are the first division teams in the last participation in the cancelled season, where No new team has joined this league.

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