Abu Dhabi government announces conditions for admission to the emirate

Abu Dhabi government announced the most prominent details of the decision to allow entry into the emirate for everyone whose results as a result of testing for coronavirus were negative within 48 hours of receiving the result.

Abu Dhabi government recent New

The media office of the Abu Dhabi government announced today, Tuesday, that the decision came in support of the efforts of the national survey project to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and maintain the health gains achieved.

The emirate has defined categories that are excluded from these procedures, such as those with medical appointments from cancer and kidney patients, a group under 12 years old, and those who hold a one-day mission permit.

95% of Abu Dhabi residents know how to prevent Corona

The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi government announced the final results of the life questionnaire in light of the emerging coronavirus, which it launched with the aim of analyzing the conditions accompanying the repercussions of the epidemic, identifying society’s lifestyles and raising them to decision-makers. The results showed the participation of 52.3% of the females and 47.7% of the males, and 95% confirmed their knowledge of the preventive measures in relation to the coronavirus, and approximately 90.5% of the participants stated that the officials dealt with the crisis with a clear seriousness.

Abu Dhabi government authorities deal with the current situation

According to the vote, 89% of the participants believe that the competent health institutions are equipped and able to deal with the epidemic, and 92% indicated that the competent Abu Dhabi government authorities were quick to provide medical and non-medical staff to face the crisis. On the other hand, 94% confirmed their confidence in the ability of the competent authorities to deal with the current situation, 91% of the participants indicated that the competent authorities had taken proactive measures towards “Corona”, while 89.5% confirmed that they obtained news related to the crisis from official sources only.

More than 50 thousand participants, citizens, and residents of Abu Dhabi participated in the survey.

Abu Dhabi society changed their lifestyle

The first questionnaire for life in the shadow of the virus

The results, in the family correlation axis, showed that 87% of the participants had changed their lifestyle due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Community participation showed positive results in the first questionnaire for life in the shadow of the virus, and accordingly we analyzed the inputs, studied the effects of the pandemic on the family and society through a set of research and scientific tools, and raised appropriate solutions with all partners,” said Dr. Mona Al-Bahr, advisor to the head of the department.

Cooperation for the distribution of medical needs

99% of the participants affirmed that they believed in the necessity of cooperating with the government and all members of society to successfully confront the crisis, and 99% of them stated that facing the crisis is everyone’s responsibility, while 41% affirmed their desire to volunteer in the distribution of medical needs.

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