Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center reached UAECell19 marked treatment

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center has so far treated more than 2,000 patients with COVID-19 and 1,200 of them have fully recovered from the effects of the virus.

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center development

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center

Today Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center announced that it has succeeded in increasing the number of treatments from 73 in the initial clinical trial. The large increase came as a result of the great efforts made by the employees of the Center to treat the largest possible number of people after the decision of the United Arab Emirates government to make it available free of charge to all new SK patients who are at medium to high risk.

The government’s decision came after the UAECell19 marked treatment showed efficacy and a remarkable safety profile reflected in the absence of significant changes in reported adverse events, absence of any unexpected serious reactions (such as anaphylaxis or sudden death) and the absence of any complications on the lung. As determined by radiological examinations.

A team of Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center doctors and researchers, led by Dr. Yendry Ventura, announced in May that they had developed a new treatment for COVID-19 patients. UAECell19, an endogenous stem cell-based treatment, appears to help the body fight the virus and make the disease less harmful.

After a preliminary trial, researchers were able to conclude that UAECell19 reduced the duration of hospitalization from 22 days to only six days, compared to patients who received standard treatment.

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center
Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center Reached Uaecell19 Marked Treatment

Additional analyzes revealed that patients treated with stem cells were 3.1 times more likely to recover in less than seven days than those treated with standard treatment, and 67% of patients who received stem cell treatment owed this recovery to the new treatment.

Since then Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center has ensured the protection of intellectual property rights for UAECell19, opening the way for widespread treatment sharing so that more patients can benefit.

The Emirates Stem Cell Center said that researchers are at various stages of several investigative efforts to demonstrate efficacy (the third stage of the experiment), optimal dose efficacy, and efficacy for treating other respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cystic fibrosis.

Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center developing stem cell treatment for infections

The UAE Ministry of Economy has granted the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center a patent for an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for the emerging coronavirus.

A team of doctors and researchers at the Center for Specialized Health Care, Cell Therapy, Innovative Medicines, and Advanced Research, has developed a treatment that needs to extract stem cells from the blood of a newly infected COVID-19 and re-enter it into the lungs by inhalation after treating and activating the stem cells.

Friday evening, May 1, 2020, the treatment experiment was carried out on 73 cases in the UAE, and all recovered. “The result of the examination appeared negative after the treatment was introduced into the lungs by inhalation with a fine mist. Its therapeutic effect is assumed to be by regenerating the lung cells and modifying their immune response to prevent them from overreacting to COVID-19 infection and causing more healthy cells to be damaged.

Treatment underwent and successfully passed the first stage of clinical trials, which indicates its safety. None of the patients who received treatment reported any immediate side effects, and no interactions were found with conventional treatment protocols for COVID-19 patients.

Trials will continue to demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment and are expected to be completed within two weeks, which lead to treating more than 2,000 patients with COVID-19 and 1,200 of them have fully recovered from the effects of the virus.

Source: WAM
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