Abu Dhabi Ports has been awarded for innovation and excellence

Abu Dhabi Ports has recently been awarded with the Innovative Organisation Level 3 Certification by Global Innovation Management Institute, GIMI. The Certification was conferred by the Boston-based think tank during its annual conference, which took place in Colombia recently.

The recognition demonstrates the value of initiatives such as Abu Dhabi Ports’ highly successful collaborative ideas platform, ‘IBTIKAR’ – Arabic for ‘innovation’. IBTIKAR uses a systematic approach to gathering and processing ideas from employees, customers and other stakeholders. It ensures that ideas can be successfully implemented and encourages teamwork and participation in order to improve the success of the business.

Abu Dhabi Ports is the first port and the first maritime and transportation organisation in the world to receive the award from GIMI.

GIMI is recognised as the international gold standard for Innovation Management, having certified over 10,000 individuals and over 800 organisations worldwide.


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