Abu Dhabi Nurse receives birthday cake despite pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) may still be ravaging its way across many nations, but hope lives on. An Abu Dhabi hospital brought a little joy into the world for one nurse birthday. A birthday cake is a small luxury, but it was able to bring brightness and happiness to this nurse.

Abu Dhabi Nurse happiness despite pandemic

In times of crisis, small joys will be an essential victory

The nurse’s name is Anju Ambidas. She is a staff nurse at Medeor Hospital in Abu Dhabi city. In normal circumstances, she celebrates her birthday with going out for dinner with family. However, Coronavirus ruined her usual plans and made it impossible to celebrate in the traditional manner.

Kind members of the Medeor Hospital management team made the decision to give Anju a birthday surprise. These generous members of staff got Anju a birthday cake. This surprise made her full of happiness at the kind gesture. Without the kindness of the hospital management team, the nurse would have forgotten her birthday.

In these tough times, we must not forget our humanity. It is still important to celebrate noteworthy moments in life. Coronavirus may be the greatest healthcare threat in recent history, but it will not crush the human spirit of the UAE.

We hope the story of Anju Ambidas brings joy to your day and encourages you to spend time on important moments.

Frontline workers make many sacrifices for the people

Many frontline workers and medical healthcare professionals have tirelessly given their efforts to prevent Coronavirus spreading. These brave workers will receive applause from the people of the UAE for their contribution to the fight against the virus. The front line defence against viral infection is the brave work of healthcare professionals.

We must never forget the sacrifices of frontline workers and the great efforts they provide for all people in the UAE.

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