Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center is free of COVID-19 patients

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Health Services Company “SEHA” announced that the field hospital in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center “ADNEC” is free of COVID-19 patients, as a result of the health sector’s efforts in the emirate to activate the national survey program and the various proactive checks that led to reducing the number of cases that Requires medical attention.

The ADNEC is free of COVID-19 patients

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center
Adnec Field Hospital Now Free Of COVID-19 Patients

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center field hospital provided during the previous stage exceptional treatment services and has the latest medical supplies that give him high readiness and enable him to meet the health status requirements.

The establishment of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center field hospital came under the guidance of the rational leadership within a number of field hospitals in the country, as part of the efforts that were taken to meet the challenges of the spread of the emerging coronavirus.

Rashid Al Qubaisi, Executive Vice President of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” said: The directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, were clear and specific to harnessing all capabilities to combat the COVID-19, and in implementation of the directives of His Highness “Health” Company, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Health Department, established national survey centres during the month of March in all emirates of the country, and harnessed all its capabilities to conduct the necessary examination to detect the Coronavirus in order to identify the infected, and equipped at the beginning of last May field hospitals in areas Different in the country, to isolate the injured and provide them with appropriate treatment.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

He added: “SEHA” is considered the cornerstone of the health care sector in the UAE and the region, and a pivotal pillar in the health care system in Abu Dhabi, with its in-depth experiences and a proven track record in the field of advanced health care, which enables it to lead efforts to combat this epidemic.

He explained that one of these hospitals, which were prepared by SEHA and returned the smile to hundreds of injured people and their families, was the field hospital at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center “ADNEC”, which was established on an area of ​​31 thousand square meters, and it is an integrated hospital, which contains all the medical requirements from the pharmacy to radiologists and laboratories, and a capacity of 1000 patients, and is managed by a medical staff of 73 doctors, consultants and accident doctors, and others.

For his part, Dr. Aref Ali Al Shehhi, Senior Advisor in the Office of the CEO of SEHA, who managed the field hospital at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, said: “The hospital is equipped with medical facilities to deal with cases of emerging coronavirus and worked in it alongside the medical staff towards 260 nurses and nurses, and a support team consisting of 268 people, 9 technicians in the radiology department, 9 pharmacists, and 8 technicians who worked in the hospital’s laboratory in addition to 30 volunteers from the UAE Red Crescent volunteers ».

He added: «The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center field hospital includes 48 beds for critical cases, and two ambulances to transfer cases, and it was managed by an operations centre that supervised the development of work plans and their implementation and communicating with other hospitals, at the hands of medical teams, to provide health care at the highest international levels, and medical and nursing cadres participated in the management of the hospital. From Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, where they participated in overseeing the Urgent Cases Department. ”

Dr. Aref Al-Shehhi emphasized that the strategies and plans developed achieved positive results and the field hospital performed the goals for which it was established, in which medical care and treatment were provided in accordance with the highest standards, and patients received all care and attention until God enabled them to recover and returned to their normal lives.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center announces that its facilities are free of COVID-19 patients

Mubadala Healthcare has announced that its facilities are completely free of COVID-19 patients, which means that hospitals and their centers are fully ready to provide the medical care services that community members need, while committing to applying all precautionary measures to maintain patient safety.

Dr. Gamal Al Kaabi, Acting Undersecretary of the Department of Health, said during a recent tour at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: “While Mubadala Healthcare facilities make significant and significant contributions to support the UAE’s strategy to overcome the COVID-19, we are now entering the stage of returning to the new normal. Which requires us to work to ensure the health of all members of society and provide the health care services needed by patients, while committing to applying all precautionary measures in a safe and coordinated manner. ”

Hassan Jassim Al Nowais, First Vice President of Mubadala Healthcare, confirmed that Mubadala Healthcare Facilities and Centers are completely free of “COVID-19” patients, it sends a reassuring message to our patients throughout the community and drives them to the initiative to follow up their health cases through obtaining care services World-class here in Abu Dhabi, noting that Mubadala Healthcare facilities will resume booking the most urgent appointments and follow strict precautions and measures to provide additional peace of mind to patients and ensure that their safety is a top priority in all times and conditions.

Abu Dhabi Health Authority: Cooperate with field survey teams

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi has called on all residents of the emirate, citizens and residents, to cooperate with field survey teams that are currently conducting COVID-19 tests throughout the emirate to assess the epidemiological situation and ensure the safety and health of all members of society. The campaign will cover various parts of the emirate, especially the areas with high population density and those that include members of the groups most vulnerable to complications of infection, including senior citizens and those with chronic diseases. The survey teams have begun field visits to a number of regions, and the campaign will continue its activities until the various regions in the emirate are covered.

Source: WAM
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