DPI laser test Prior reservation before entering Abu Dhabi

Tamouh Healthcare has announced the suspension of a DPI laser scan to detect suspected cases of the COVID-19 virus at the examination centre in the Sih Shuaib area towards Abu Dhabi, (Corona Rapid Examination), due to heavy crowds and increased turnout.

On conducting examinations to enter the emirate, noting the launch of the pre-booking service for the examination to organize work and avoiding crowds, in addition to starting the implementation of the plan to increase the number of checkpoints that follow the «DPI laser» technology, in order to overcome the challenges of time and place, and the application of preventive measures and measures All, maintaining social spacing.

Prior reservation for the DPI laser examination

In detail, the scanning centre with the technology “DPI laser” based on the laser in the region of Saih Shuaib witnessed, since yesterday evening, hundreds of people wishing to conduct the examination to enter the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which caused a severe crowd inside the waiting tent, which is inconsistent with Precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The company’s spokesperson, Abdullah Al-Rashdi, confirmed to UAEVOICE the preparation of an electronic link to register and book a date for the examination, which will be announced through the official channels of the company and the competent authorities, so that those who wish to conduct the examination can register through him by name, phone number, and personal data. To confirm the appointment for the examination, indicating that the centre yesterday provided inspection services to families only.

He said: «The inspection tent is currently allocated to families only, and a tent is being built with an area three times larger than the current one, and it will be opened during the next two days, and it will be allocated to families only so that it can serve better, and the current tent will be reused for ordinary individuals, with the exception of workers, given The decision to prevent the transfer of labour to or from the emirate remains in effect.

Al-Rashidi attributed the severe crowds to companies violating the procedures and bringing in workers from outside the emirate for checks, indicating that they were surprised by companies buses landing hundreds of workers in front of the centre, which caused this crowding.

He added that the centre does not examine workers, because the decision to prevent the movement of workers is still applied, which exposes companies to violation and fine.

Al-Rashedi called upon those wishing to enter the emirate to perform the tests in advance to avoid any possible crowding or delays, pointing out that entering the emirate is not limited to conducting the examination in the «DPI» centre, but rather allows those who carry a negative result to examine the usual «COVID-19» during 48 An hour after receiving the result entering the emirate.

The launch of a website to book the appointments for “DPI laser” test

The Crisis and Emergency Management Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, announced last Monday the start of the application of the “DPI laser” technology based on the use of lasers to detect suspected cases of infection with the “COVID-19” virus and allow its users to enter the emirate.

Those who have a negative examination result are allowed to enter. As for those who have had a positive test result, they are subjected to nasal swab tests for the discovery of the “COVID-19” virus in the same location, before being asked to return to their place of residence, and not to contact until the result appears.

The examination of “Corona” in 3 minutes for those coming to Abu Dhabi

Center workers said that the reason for the severe crowding is the ease of the examination procedures and the speedy obtaining the result, in addition to the financial cost licenses, as it does not take more than three minutes to register a person through an ID reader and take blood from the finger in the same way to check blood sugar.

The laser-based DPI technology depends on examining blood samples and reading the shape of the cells in them, to determine the presence of infections such as those caused by the “COVID-19” virus.

The diagnostic system of the innovative device in the United Arab Emirates also adopts advanced artificial intelligence technology in image analysis according to a very accurate scale.

Source: khaleejtimes
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