Abu Dhabi cinemas resume activity and receive the public

The Abu Dhabi Economic Department – Abu Dhabi cinemas in commercial centres resume their activities and receive the public in accordance with the conditions, instructions and precautionary measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), in coordination with the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee resulting from the Corona pandemic in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi cinemas resume its activities

The department’s deputy, Rashid Abdul Karim Al Balushi, confirmed that this circular comes within the framework of the procedures issued by the department to enhance the services and entertainment sector and the gradual return to its various activities, in a way that serves the community’s members, after a period of closures imposed by the repercussions of “COVID-19”.

Al-Balushi explained that the circular instructed Abu Dhabi cinemas owners not to exceed the capacity of the halls of 30%, and to take continuous sterilization and cleaning measures for all galleries, facilities and places where food and beverages are sold, in addition to a commitment to physical distancing among the audience, whether inside or outside the cinemas and wearing masks with a commitment to action All employees have tested “COVID-19” as a major and important condition for granting permission to resume activity.

Abu Dhabi cinemas apply all precautionary and preventive instructions

Rashid Al-Balushi said that this circular includes all precautionary and preventive instructions and directives contained in previous circulars for other activities that have been directed to resume their activities, with the importance that Abu Dhabi cinemas are witnessing a great turnout from the public, especially in light of the new shows, which requires full commitment to apply all the procedures received. In a circular.

He stressed that Abu Dhabi cinemas that do not abide by the application of the terms and instructions stated in the circular will not be allowed to resume their activities and film screenings, as the inspection and control teams of the department will conduct field visits to ensure the correctness and safety of all the procedures that have been implemented, indicating that the violation What was stated in the circular will result in direct violations.

Statistical numbers of Abu Dhabi cinemas

The representative of the department indicated that the total number of Abu Dhabi cinemas reaches 19, including 12 in Abu Dhabi and 6 in Al Ain and a cinema hall in Al Dhafra, stressing the importance of conducting intensive sterilization every day for all galleries after operating hours and after each show by at least 20 Up to 30 minutes between shows, and hand sanitizers are available in all public places, including entrances, exits, toilets, etc.

All food and beverages must be presented in containers, tools, and cups prepared for one-time use, and it is also preferable that the public is encouraged to pay online and book tickets through digital channels, explaining that Abu Dhabi cinemas must allocate two seats to the public, cancelling two seats on both sides, and cancelling An entire row between each of the two rows of seats, with signs placed on the ground indicating the need for social distancing, and signboards placed in prominent places at the entrances and exits, especially at the rows of requesting tickets, food and drinks, and not to use touch screens that display movie advertisements or intended to buy tickets and prohibit Distribute promotional brochures for the films to the public.

The Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi cinemas conduct all their employees a “COVID-19” examination as a major and important condition, with the importance of all employees, and the public wearing masks and gloves, and it is prohibited to provide blankets, blankets for the public and massage chairs in the vicinity of the cinemas.

Source: WAM
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