A guide to passenger flights to and from Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Commercial passenger flights were suspended in and out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi on March 24, but UAE airlines run outbound resettlement flights for those in the region trying to get home and Emirates and Etihad have launched inbound trips for locals and nationals seeking to return to the UAE.

Repatriation Passenger Flights

They are government-approved services designed to bring people back to their homelands.

Many repatriation flights may accept only passengers who are permanent residents or nationals of a destination, while others that take neighbouring-country travellers so that they can then return home.

How to book

Many passengers can book these passenger flights online via the website of an airline, and typically travellers do not require travelling authorization from their embassies.

Repatriation flights are normally non-refundable, and usually, a change of destination is not possible.

The condition varies by the hour, and it is highly essential that you test your fitness to fly before you book a ticket to one of these special facilities. Consult with the airline, and also check the International Air Transport Association regulations mentioned on the website.

UAE airlines Passenger Flights

Emirates and Etihad run special passenger services for UAE nationals and citizens wishing to return to the region.

Until booking such a trip, travellers wishing to return to Dubai or Abu Dhabi must have the permission of the UAE authorities. You can apply for it through the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority.

When applications are successful, the residents may obtain a Foreign Ministry approval code and a certificate. Both certificates are essential before incoming flights booking by travellers. Also required is UAE citizenship or residency. (Residency visas expiring after March 1, 2020, are now until the end of December 2020).

Return flight reservations are online through Emirates or through Etihad’s call centre. These passenger flights are not bookable by travel agencies.

Until authorizing travellers to book a ticket, Etihad must seek the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval code.

Emirates makes electronic booking of passenger flights for travellers, but at check-in, all passengers must show a letter of approval. Passengers not having that will be denied boarding.

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