UAE top achievement of applying 6 million COVID-19 tests

The media briefing held by the UAE government in Abu Dhabi, stressed that an alarming increase has been observed in the number of daily Corona injuries among citizens and residents, by 136 cases compared to the previous period, attributing the reason for this to gatherings and visits without adhering to basic precautionary and preventive measures such as spacing Physical wear and masks as well as UAE has exceeded 6 million COVID-19 tests.

UAE conducted more than 6 million COVID-19 tests

His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, announced that the UAE has exceeded 6 million COVID-19 tests for the emerging coronavirus as an important part of the strategy adopted by the state to confront the virus and protect society from its negative repercussions.

Al Owais stressed that in addition to taking proactive measures to confront the epidemic on the health, social and economic levels, the UAE government continues to support scientific research, especially in the medical fields, based on the importance of developing the research system and enhancing its positive impact as a development pillar and an effective means in providing the necessary solutions to tackle the virus.

UAE 6 million COVID-19 tests Add quality

Al Owais added that the UAE recently launched the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Medical Research, which is a qualitative addition that will contribute to the development of the scientific research sector.

As he will focus within his specializations on communicable disease research in the country, in addition to research on “COVID-19”, pointing out that these qualitative initiatives enhance the role of the UAE and its effective contribution to support the efforts exerted globally to support the sectors of health and society. Al-Owais stressed that, during the past two weeks, a remarkable increase in the daily infection rates has been observed, Until reached 6 million COVID-19 tests.

Which may be an indication of an alarmingly high number of cases during the coming period, stressing the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures, on top of which is avoiding gatherings and visits during the current period, and adherence to physical distancing.

The 6 million COVID-19 tests vaccine

With regard to the third phase of clinical trials that are being conducted in the country on a promising vaccine for “COVID-19”, Al-Owais stressed that there is a tangible development and that the results are very reassuring, and no side effects were recorded on the volunteers. His Excellency thanked the participants and volunteers in the trials.

Al-Owais renewed his call to all members of society to participate in this noble humanitarian work, which will bring all good and benefit not only to the society of the UAE, but to millions of people around the world, expressing his great confidence in the UAE society, citizens and residents, and their constant eagerness to support positive initiatives in all times and circumstances. At the end of the intervention, Al-Owais stressed that the strategy for dealing with the epidemic and limiting its spread will not be completed without a full commitment to the instructions and precautionary measures, as well as its great achievement of applying 6 million COVID-19 tests.

UAE coronavirus statistical updates

On the latest developments in cases, Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, the spokesperson for the media briefing of the UAE government, announced that the number of new daily checks reached 59,759 examinations, which revealed the registration of 365 injuries, all of which receive the necessary care in health care institutions, bringing the total number of recorded cases to 64,906 cases. Al-Hammadi also announced the registration of 115 new recovery cases, bringing the total number of recoveries in the country to 57,909 cases, while two deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 366 cases, pointing out that the number of patients currently receiving treatment is 6,631, which refer to the top reach of 6 million COVID-19 tests.

Source: khaleejtimes
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