5 New Recovered Cases in the UAE

UAE announces the recovery of 5 new cases infected with the coronavirus, Which brings the number of recovered people to 12 in the country.

New Recovered Cases in the UAE

The recovery of 5 new cases of coronavirus in the UAE

The UAE Ministry of Health announced:

5 new cases recovery of people infected with the emerging coronavirus, bringing the number of people recovering to 12 in the country.

The ministry said, in a statement issued, on Monday, that:

“Full recovery” of the five symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care since she was hospitalized.

The ministry explained that:

similar cases recovery were of different nationalities.


  1. Two people from Emirates
  2. Two people from Ethiopia
  3. one from Thailand

Thus the number of cases that were similar to recover in the state 12 cases.

The UAE Ministry of Health confirmed that:

  • UAE’s handling of these cases until their recovery reflects the strength of the health system in the country.
  • Thanks to the support given by the wise state leadership to this sector.
  • The concern to provide the highest levels of health care, whether for citizens, residents or visitors to the state.

Dealing with the cases infected with the emerging coronavirus carried out according to the highest applicable health standards. As they placed under observation and medical care that conforms to the standards of the World Health Organization for people with symptoms of this virus and follow their condition closely until they fully recover from the disease.

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