Planting 400 Trees to Mark Legacy of WUF in Abu Dhabi

Celebration of 400 trees planted to the legacy of WUF in Abu Dhabi at the Old Airport Garden in Abu Dhabi, the premier international gathering for exchanging views and experiences.  In Abu Dhabi until 13th February.

UAE as part of the government growth plan, to support environment, this will add another remark, an annual initiative spearheaded by MoCCAE that seeks to boost the country’s green cover and helps tackle climate change through offsetting carbon emissions.

In 2020, the Ministry aims to raise the bar and plant 500,000 trees, a remarkable increase on the 150,000 trees planted in 20 He added.

Also, General Coordinator of DMT attended the celebration and stated, “Abu Dhabi has become a world leader, with consideration of the environment in all plan of growth and with social harmony and consideration for the environment.

To mention this is a fantastic contribution to the UAE ecosystem and aligns with the core objectives and legacy of WUF10.”

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