31,000 volunteers participants in Corona vaccine 3rd phase

The first experiments of the third phase of the inactivated / COVID-19 / vaccine in the UAE achieved an achievement by being one of the largest experiences in the world in mobilizing the efforts of volunteers, as it was able to attract more than 31,000 volunteers participants belonging to more than 120 nationalities, within only six weeks.

31,000 volunteers participants in the For Humanity campaign

The For Humanity campaign recorded a qualitative achievement in terms of speed and efficiency in registering 31,000 volunteers participants, examining them and sharing the experiments of the inactive vaccine developed by “Synopharma CNBG”, a world leader in vaccine manufacture, which is managed by “G42 Healthcare” from its centre in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention in and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).

Moving forward, 31,000 volunteers participants have already received their 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and will continue to undergo medical examinations tests and regular supervision, in addition to receiving full support from health services in order to ensure that they enjoy health and wellness.

The Total numbers of volunteers in the For Humanity campaign

With the arrival of these numbers of volunteers to 31,000 volunteers participants, ADNEC centres in Abu Dhabi and Al Gharayen in Sharjah will be closed to new volunteers, but the two centres will remain open to individuals who will receive their second dose of the vaccine and who will undergo the required medical examinations within the framework of the program in accordance with the protocols and timetables set for the volunteers.

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi confirmed that sufficient numbers of 31,000 volunteers participants required to complete the clinical trials have been reached, so the registration of new volunteers will be stopped as of Sunday, August 30th.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Hamed, Chairman of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, said:

This achievement would not have been possible without the support of our wise leadership of scientific research in the health care sector.

This is a truly distinguished achievement in this sector that will strengthen the UAE’s leading position at the forefront of global research efforts.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health said that it will continue to monitor the volunteers ’status in accordance with the approved protocols for this study through contacts or direct interviews with the medical team.

To celebrate this national achievement, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, “SINOPHARM” and the “G42 Healthcare” company expressed their thanks to all the volunteers for their service to humanity and the clinical, technical and administrative staff for their work. Thanks to With their commitment and 31,000 volunteers participants in these historical experiences, the world is taking a major step towards achieving the first safe and tested vaccine.

International cooperation efforts of 31,000 volunteers participants

Commenting on achieving access to more than 31,000 volunteers participants, His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, said:

“The wise leadership in the UAE has been fully committed to combating the COVID-19 epidemic from the start through international cooperation efforts and the spirit of the UAE citizens and residents and their willingness to more than 31,000 volunteers participants is a living testament to the proactive approach adopted by the country within the world-leading program for Inactive vaccine trials ”.

The two inactive vaccines were successful in the first and second stages of the trials without causing any side effects, as 100 percent of the volunteers were able to generate antibodies.

The size of the volunteer numbers would make the program on par with similar experiment programs that are internationally recognized, in which the numbers of participants include about 45 thousand volunteers or more.

The trial phase comes within the framework of a series of national initiatives aimed at improving the health of the population and supporting medical research and development capabilities in the country, and this includes strengthening local capabilities to manufacture the vaccine.

Source: WAM
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