23 nations receive over 260 tons of aid from UAE

Aid planes carrying medical supplies of the utmost importance have successfully delivered over 260 tons of aid to 23 Nations. The United Arab Emirates has generously donated these critical medical supplies in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Nations across the globe thank the UAE for this generosity in their time of need.

Critical medical supplies have gone out

The battle against Coronavirus is raging all across the world. Only with the correct equipment will people win. The UAE is well ready with medical supplies and equipment to weather the storm. The UAE is now sharing these supplies with friendly nations in an attempt to get the virus under control

Aid flights have left Abu Dhabi with a constant stream of deliveries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has a facility located there. A team of workers hustles round the clock to provide aid to people in need around the globe. Over 260 tons of medical supplies have left the UAE, in part from this facility. To sum up, the distribution of these supplies to friendly nations is a top priority.

The aid flights contain several forms of essential medical supply. Masks and personal protective equipment being some of the most important. In addition, testing kits.

UAE home of humanity

Humanitarian issues have long been at the heart of the UAE. Ever since the nation was first founded helping others has surfaced as a core ideology.

Now, during this difficult time of global uncertainty, the humanitarian spirit of the UAE shines bright.

Many other nations have completely run out of essential medical supplies. In addition, healthcare workers have run out of personal protective equipment. This global shortage is a disaster on all fronts. However, due to the kindness of the UAE, many of these workers will once again have the right equipment.

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