14 tons of aid supplies go out to Pakistan from the UAE

The United Arab Emirates once again showcases its philanthropic generosity. An aid plane is delivering 14 tons of critical medical supplies and food rations to Pakistan. The tireless efforts of the UAE will save many lives during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Pakistan receives medical aid and food supplies from UAE

The UAE has sent over 14 tons of highly important supplies to it. These supplies are a mixture of critical medical supplies and food rations. They will provide protective equipment to over 7,000 medical healthcare workers.

This is one of the many aid planes the UAE has sent to the Pakistanian people. Previously they sent 11 tons of medical supplies in one plane. A total of three aid flight missions to Pakistan have achieved great success in delivering important equipment and supplies.

The UAE is sending medical supplies all across the world right now. Furthermore, these important aid flights will help hundreds of thousands of medical key workers to do their jobs.

No other country can beat the generosity of the UAE. The philanthropic gestures these flights represent is a huge movement to global solidarity among all nations. In addition, cooperation among all people across the globe is the most important thing in this difficult time.

How has Coronavirus affected Pakistan?

It is currently experiencing a serious outbreak of Coronavirus infections among its people. Over 15’000 people have contracted the deadly virus. To date, over 3,400 people have safely recovered from Coronavirus in Pakistan. 343 people have sadly lost their lives.

The country of Pakistan is currently in lockdown against the Coronavirus. Consequently, flights will remain grounded until further notice.

Pakistan is currently the second-worst suffering nation in South Asia. Authorities still hold confidence that they will be able to turn the tide of viral infections.

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